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Quakers Oats Are Cool!

Description: 1966 QUAKER OATS vintage magazine advertisement “Hot oatmeal is cool”

~ Hot oatmeal is cool. – Know what the beautiful people eat for breakfast? – Right! Big steaming bowls of it. – Because oatmeal swings. It really does. – On a cold wintry morning, oatmeal absolutely turns you on. As a part of your breakfast menu, it gives you a healthy helping of energy that puts you in gear for the whole day. – It’s a good, natural, stick-to-the-ribs food that makes breakfast an honest meal. And tastes warm and nutty and good, besides. – In its funny old-fashioned way, Quaker Oats is a modern nutritionist’s dream. It’s got protein to spare. Good natural protein. Builders. Boosters. Things that make young bodies grow. And go, go, go! Yet a bowl of Quaker Oats has only two more calories than a bowl of cold corn flakes. – Which may surprise you. And interest you, if you’re watching your waistline. – Quaker Oats can help you do it without feeling hungry or wanting to sneak a snack before lunch. – Here’s another little surprise: more people eat Quaker Oats for breakfast than any other brand of cereal in America, hot or cold. – Could it be that at the ripe old age of ninety, we’re finally becoming a teenage fad? – In some cities, Quaker Oats is called Mother’s Oats. ~

Okay then.

Article originally appeared on Vintage Adventures.

ScrewyQuakers Oats Are Cool!

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