Quakers Oats Are Cool!

Description: 1966 QUAKER OATS vintage magazine advertisement “Hot oatmeal is cool”

~ Hot oatmeal is cool. – Know what the beautiful people eat for breakfast? – Right! Big steaming bowls of it. – Because oatmeal swings. It really does. – On a cold wintry morning, oatmeal absolutely turns you on. As a part of your breakfast menu, it gives you a healthy helping of energy that puts you in gear for the whole day. – It’s a good, natural, stick-to-the-ribs food that makes breakfast an honest meal. And tastes warm and nutty and good, besides. – In its funny old-fashioned way, Quaker Oats is a modern nutritionist’s dream. It’s got protein to spare. Good natural protein. Builders. Boosters. Things that make young bodies grow. And go, go, go! Yet a bowl of Quaker Oats has only two more calories than a bowl of cold corn flakes. – Which may surprise you. And interest you, if you’re watching your waistline. – Quaker Oats can help you do it without feeling hungry or wanting to sneak a snack before lunch. – Here’s another little surprise: more people eat Quaker Oats for breakfast than any other brand of cereal in America, hot or cold. – Could it be that at the ripe old age of ninety, we’re finally becoming a teenage fad? – In some cities, Quaker Oats is called Mother’s Oats. ~

Okay then.

Article originally appeared on Vintage Adventures.

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Can you spot the mistake?

A church community was left red-faced when it mucked up the spelling of Jesus’ name on a banner for their Easter celebrations.

Acomb Parish Church in York had a sign made up for the service to celebrate Jesus’ return from the grave.

The poster, made on a white background with red text, was meant to read “Christ is risen”.

But due to a spelling error, the final product actually read “Chris is risen”.

Luckily, the church found the funny side and sent a snap of the gaffe to BBC York.

They tweeted it and uploaded onto their Facebook account with the caption: “Acomb Parish Church in York has been left short this Easter. More T vicar? Good News for Chris, though!”

The funny episode has tickled social media, with Facebook and Twitter users sharing the image.

Others have been tagging friends and family in the photo, who all share the name Chris.

One person posted: “I love that so many people tagged various Chris’!”

Another added: “Reminds me of the friend who misheard the Muslim name for God so thought they were saying ‘All praise be to Alan'”

Article originally appeared on the Mirror.

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Disapointing Easter egg substitute from Tesco

This is really not what you want to see when you’ve ordered delicious chocolate treats…

Easter is finally upon us, which means it’s time to crack open those chocolate eggs and get munching.

Unless, of course, you don’t have any Easter eggs because your supermarket order got substituted.

That’s what happened to 12-year-old twins Matthew and James Bayley, who were greeted by a MUCH more disappointing sight than the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs extra large eggs their mum had ordered for them.

Instead of delicious chocolate, they were sent a roast chicken and broccoli salad.

To add insult to injury, there was only one – so they have to share it.

What’s more, the two eggs came to a price of £8, whereas the solo salad only cost £3.50.

Mum Joanne, 41, from Colchester in Essex, said: “I had bought the two eggs early because I know the shops regularly sell out quickly and didn’t want to end up with nothing for the boys.

“It turns out I was very lucky to have done that as if I had not had time to go and buy more Easter eggs I would not have found it quite so funny.

“What on earth made whoever was packing it think this was an adequate replacement? My husband Mark and I were so confused we said it out loud so the kids heard us talking about it.

“Both of them then said ‘do I have a salad for Easter?’ but once we explained it was just mistake it made them laugh. If they had found it at the end of their Easter egg hunt though I’m not sure what they would have made of that.

MercuryJoanne Bayley, 41, had treated 12-year-old twins Matthew and James to a Cadbury's Mini Eggs extra large egg each at a total price of £8.00 on her online shop with Tesco. However Joanne was left baffled when the supermarket giant switched the two eggs to a single roast chicken and broccoli salad for £3.50
The sheet provided by Tesco shows the substitution listed

“I took it in good humour and shared the picture of what had gone on with my friends as it made everyone laugh.

“It could be construed as them taking healthy eating too far. I’m all for the kids eating well but Easter and Christmas is the one time of year they can get away with eating treats – even for breakfast.

“It’s certainly not put me off doing my weekly shop at Tesco though, even though this was an odd substitution.”

Since the incident, Joanne has bought the eggs elsewhere to ensure Matthew and James are not disappointed on Easter Sunday.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re investigating what led to this unusual substitution.”

Article originally appeared on the Mirror.

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Maltese terrier with 100,000 Instagram followers

The littlest hipster: Cute Maltese terrier amasses 100,000 followers on Instagram thanks to his VERY trendy dress sense

  • Joyce Chen has been photographing her pooch for the past three years 
  • He has amassed 100,000 followers on his very own Instagram account 
  • Joyce says he loves photo shoots and isn’t bothered by wearing clothes

    Crufts kicks off today with plenty of dog owners hoping their pooch will bring home the prize – but one stylish mutt is already winning in the style stakes.

    With his preppy look, this pup has gained himself 100,000 followers on Instagram since his owner, Joyce Chen, from Vancouver, set up the account three years ago.

    Joyce captures photos of Toby, her 10-year-old Maltese, wearing an assortment of garish outfits that featured thick rimmed glasses, a trilby hat and bow tie.

    Joyce Chen has captured her ten-year-old Maltese terrier Toby wearing various hipster style outfits 

    Joyce Chen has captured her ten-year-old Maltese terrier Toby wearing various hipster style outfits

    Joyce claimed that she got the idea to dress up her pooch after she placed her glasses on Toby’s nose while she was out buying a coffee.

    But since taking some initial shots of Toby, Joyce has begun to look for more outfits to dress her muse up in and turned her pet pal into an Instagram sensation.

    Finding garments in pet boutiques around where they live Joyce is pretty confident that there isn’t an outfit Toby can’t pull off.

    Joyce said: ‘I started dressing Toby after I put my sunglasses on him and noticed that he was completely fine with it – most dogs would tilt their heads to get them off, but Toby didn’t.

    Joyce got the idea to take pictures of her pooch after placing her glasses on Toby in a coffee shop

    Joyce got the idea to take pictures of her pooch after placing her glasses on Toby in a coffee shop.

    The pooch was happy to sit still while his owner placed the spectacles on him and so she began to experiment with other outfitsHere Toby appears to be enjoying the Superbowl

    The pooch was happy to sit still while his owner placed the spectacles on him and so she began to experiment with other outfits

    She has been uploading pictures to Toby's very own Instagram account for the past three years amassing over 100,000 followers 

    She has been uploading pictures to Toby’s very own Instagram account for the past three years amassing over 100,000 followers

    ‘I recognised that he’s a bit of a natural model, he’s a great specimen, so I decided to find some fun outfits to do a shoot.

    ‘Toby seems to be comfortable in most shades – I’ve even got him a fedora to wear.’

    Toby’s keen fashion sense doesn’t come cheap though with Joyce forking out up to £56 for just one of the pup’s ensembles.

Joyce says that Toby's eyes really help to bring the photos to life as they are 'human like'

Joyce says that Toby’s eyes really help to bring the photos to life as they are ‘human like’

‘I probably spend between $30-80 (£21-56) on an outfit for Toby – my favourite is with the fedora, his bowtie and striped cardigan. He looks smooth.

‘Toby has been enjoying his internet fame, although I’m not quite sure he realises just how cool he actually is.

‘I try to stick with the hipster theme. Thick-rimmed glasses, bow ties, plaid shirts and hats are is signature look.

‘Toby actually loves our photo shoots because there’s always lots of treats involved. It only takes me a few minutes to get a photo of Toby and then the clothes come off and it’s treat time.’

Joyce says that it is Toby’s eyes that really help him to pull off his distinguished spectacles.

 She said: ‘I had a Maltese when I was a child and I’ve always loved this breed. I fell in love with Toby the moment I saw him. He was this little ball of fluff with these large expressive eyes. I had never seen a Maltese with such beautiful eyes!

‘People are always commenting on Toby’s eyes. They say his eyes look very human like. They’re also quite surprised how young Toby looks.

‘Toby may be 10 years old but he acts more like he’s three. He’s full of energy and always up for a new adventure.’

Article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.

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Top 10 Bizarre Insurance Compensation Claims

Top 10 Bizarre Insurance Compensation Claims

Have you ever been hit by a flying Christmas tree while driving? Claimed that your mobile phone got wedged in the back end of a cow? Prepare for deep immersion, readers, into the world of bizarre insurance claims – some of them spectacular, some of them sad, and some of them inviting a hearty WTF?!

10. Back End of the Beast

Ivor Bennett – a livestock farmer in Devon, UK – claimed that his phone disappeared inside the back end of one of his cows.

It wasn’t that he had any perverse or deviant obsession – he’d been using the torch on his iPhone while assisting the cow during calving in the middle of a particularly dark and stormy night.

The phone later made a reappearance – but perhaps a little unsurprisingly, failed to work properly.

Result: The Insurance company paid out on the claim in full

9. Lying in Public

Isabel Parker, the 72-year-old queen of the slip-and-fall scam, prostrated herself in department stores, supermarkets and liquor stores 49 times during her long career – a sad byproduct of her gambling addiction.

Prosecutors said that she treated insurance claims like her job – and she kept very busy. The woman filed a total of 49 bogus personal-injury claims in Philadelphia, Delaware County and New Jersey, and collected $500,115 between 1993 and 2000. She pleaded guilty to 29 counts of insurance fraud and theft in New Jersey alone.

Result: Four-year sentence under house arrest

8. Waiter, there’s a mouse in my soup!

Carla Patterson tried to tap a Virginia Cracker Barrel restaurant for a $500,000 insurance settlement after ‘discovering’ a mouse in her vegetable soup on Mother’s Day.

But the national chain investigated further, and found that the mouse had no soup in its lungs – and therefore had not been cooked. The jury believed that the only way the mouse could have appeared in the soup is if she’d put it there.

Result: One-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit extortion (but she still maintains her innocence).

7. Double Doofus

A man from Delaware torched his own home and his own convertible to collect on his homeowners and auto insurance.

Nicholas Di Puma said it all started when pans on his wood stove ignited while he was cooking. Then buckets of coals caught on fire. After trying to extinguish the inferno, Di Puma said he threw the first bucket out the door, where it apparently landed in the backseat of his convertible.

While en route to tossing the second pan outside, he tripped and the second landed on his sofa. Unbelievable? That’s what local law enforcement thought, too. Di Puma pleaded guilty to second and third degree attempted insurance fraud.

Result: Five-years probation, no insurance benefits. Home and car completely destroyed.

6. Bride on Fire

Some wedding days just don’t turn out the way you expect. Everything seemed to be going well on the day for Paula Catelli from Rimini, Italy, until her beautiful, hand-made wedding dress came slightly too close to the barbecue.

The synthetic material went up in flames immediately, and within moments Catelli was what no girl on her wedding day ever wants to be – a bride on fire.

Her loving husband saved the day by picking her up and throwing her into the sea. Fortunately, both bride and groom were excellent swimmers.

Result: The insurance company paid out 50% compensation for the disaster – possibly out of sympathy.

5. Killed His Mom and Torched the House

High living had left Chicago grain futures executive Marc Thompson deeply in debt. In desperation, he torched his home for the $730,000 in insurance money.

To make it appear a suicide, he led his 90-year-old mother Carmen downstairs, doused the basement with accelerant, and tossed the match.

Carmen Thompson’s Aug. 11, 2002, death by carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation must have seemed the perfect alibi. But federal agents continued to investigate the fire, and the truth emerged.

What kind of skunk would do this?

Result: Most definitely no insurance payout. Thompson’s own future is secure – for 190 years in federal prison.

4. Vibrator Phone Fail

An unnamed (you’ll see why) woman in her late 20s from Bristol, UK, deserves particularly honorable mention in this list.

Last year she claimed that the vibration function on her Blackberry Bold 9900 phone had stopped working – wait for it – while she was using it as an adult toy.

Result: Raucous laughter from inside the insurance claims office for several days.

3. Cigared for life

A lawyer from North Carolina purchased a box of expensive cigars and insured them against flooding, storm damage and – of all things – fire.

Needless to say, his investment went up in smoke within a month – after which the lawyer filed a claim with his homeowners insurance company, stating that he was owed compensation because “the cigars were lost in a series of small fires”.

The insurer refused to pay, assuming (correctly) that the man had smoked the pack himself. A judge ruled, however, that since the insurer had never stated what was considered to be “unacceptable” fire, the company did, in fact, owe him $15,000 to replace his property.

Result: The insurance company paid the claim, but then had the lawyer arrested. He was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000 fine for 24 counts of arson and insurance fraud.

2. Tropical Missiles

People were falling off their chairs laughing when British travel agency Club Direct began issuing policies to cover injuries caused by falling coconuts.

Brent Escott, their managing director, cited statistics which show that 150 people – or ten times the number of victims from shark attacks – are killed every year by falling coconuts. There was some perception that perhaps Mr. Escott had been struck on the head.

That same year in Sri Lanka, a Club Direct customer was calmly sitting under a palm tree reading a book when a coconut fell on her head, knocking her out cold. She was duly hospitalized. Lucky.

Result: Insurance company paid out in full.

1. Flying Christmas Tree

Mr. Fairclough was driving home from Christmas shopping, when he saw a car coming the other way with a Christmas tree badly tied to its roof.

This must have been a split second observation: no sooner had he seen it than the tree launched itself straight at him.

“He was driving too fast around a sharp bend and I saw the tree lift off and it flew straight at me. The trunk made a great dent in my bonnet and caused me to swerve off the road into a hedge.”

Mr Fairclough added: “The chap didn’t stop and he never came back for his tree, so the Police said we might as well have it. It wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back it was like a comedy sketch!” Nice.

Result: Insurance company paid out all damages.

Article originally appeared on Listverse.



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Man chased by friend dressed as bear

Man chased by bear!

A man was innocently walking around a construction site, carrying a length of wire and minding his own business.

Then he came across… a bear (watch the video here)

Guy in bear costume terrifies unsuspecting colleague
Eek (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)

He did what any of us would do in that situation – legged it

Run! (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)
Run! (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)

The catch is, the bear was actually the man’s idiot (or genius, depending on how you look at it) colleague dressed up in a bear suit.

The ‘bear’ even waved his arms around

Er, we don't think that's a real bear (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)
Er, we don’t think that’s a real bear (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)

But by then our poor victim was too busy running for his life to notice.

He even fell over in his attempt to get away

Poor guy (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)
Poor guy (Picture: YouTube/Czubson Tommy)

Meanwhile, his other colleagues filmed the whole thing. (You can hear them laughing uncontrollably in the background.)

So next time you feel truly terrified, and want to run away, just remember – it’s probably just some moron in a bear costume.
Article originally appeared on Metro.

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The snoring dormouse – The cutest thing you will probably see all day

Snoring Dormouse!

A nature lover has captured a dormouse snoring loudly on film – and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

The tiny mammal was filmed by Dave Williams, a member of the Surrey Dormouse Group (SDG), as it took 40 winks in the palm of his hand.

The 21-second clip shows the dormouse as it snoozes after being found in a nest box in the village of Merrow in Surrey.

As the male dormouse dozes it gives off a loud high-pitched squeak as it snores.

Vulnerable: Dormice are now protected in the UK

Mr Williams said this week: “This sleeping dormouse was found in a nest box in Surrey, snoring loudly – yes it is a male.”

Local Claire Gorman, 36, said: “The dormouse is just adorable – listen how he squeaks as he snores.

“It’s amazing that he didn’t wake up, but that’s men for you I suppose!”

Mr Williams added: “We are the only group working to conserve dormice in Surrey.

Adorable: The tiny dormouse snores loudly

“Until a year ago, we were linked with Surrey Wildlife Trust, but they withdrew funding for dormice so we continued the work as we did not want to waste 10 years of good work saving the dormice.”

The video was posted on YouTube at the weekend.

Dormice, called common or hazel dormice, are classed as vulnerable in the UK and are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Members of the SDG set up nest boxes around the county to try and ensure the survival of the cute animals and send data on numbers and locations to the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme.

This article originally appeared on the Mirror.

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