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Can you spot the mistake?

A church community was left red-faced when it mucked up the spelling of Jesus’ name on a banner for their Easter celebrations.

Acomb Parish Church in York had a sign made up for the service to celebrate Jesus’ return from the grave.

The poster, made on a white background with red text, was meant to read “Christ is risen”.

But due to a spelling error, the final product actually read “Chris is risen”.

Luckily, the church found the funny side and sent a snap of the gaffe to BBC York.

They tweeted it and uploaded onto their Facebook account with the caption: “Acomb Parish Church in York has been left short this Easter. More T vicar? Good News for Chris, though!”

The funny episode has tickled social media, with Facebook and Twitter users sharing the image.

Others have been tagging friends and family in the photo, who all share the name Chris.

One person posted: “I love that so many people tagged various Chris’!”

Another added: “Reminds me of the friend who misheard the Muslim name for God so thought they were saying ‘All praise be to Alan'”

Article originally appeared on the Mirror.

ScrewyCan you spot the mistake?

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